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I've been soloing So O on my rogue since mid January but I'll try not to make it rogue only guide. Writing this took about an hour, English is not my native language, and I'm tired Class - Rogue Item level - 895 currently but i was 870 the first time i did it.To avoid stress I'd say wait until you have at least 880 and bring BL drums/flasks/food etc.Longer version : he has two debuffs and they stack indefinitely but you can cloak one of them. Keep walking in circles around him to avoid any unnecessary damage. Kor'kron dark shamans [Annoying] This boss can be tricky because of one ability : iron prison.It does 100% of your maximum health as physical damage after 1 minute.

After a day's worth of raiding, the last thing I want to do is travel around hunting for the rewards I'd already obtained.These vendors are all in the same area as the challenge mode gear vendor, making them ridiculously easy to get to.If you have tier tokens from any difficulty, simply visit the appropriate difficulty level vendor and turn them in.Buy bear tartare food (it gives you 5 second sprint every time you kill an enemy) and you'll be able to kill blobs way faster.Another advice is to stay close to the boss and kill the blobs with your ranged abilities.Alternatively, you can have a Mage portal you directly to your Shrine.Some people prefer to set their Hearthstones to their Shrine as it contains a Portal to every major city and is somewhat annoying to get to otherwise.Four new tier vendors have been placed in both the Alliance and Horde shrines in patch 5.4.Each vendor handles a particular difficulty of gear -- LFR, flexible, normal, and heroic.At 890 ilvl you can stop using any consumables Talents - Only mandatory talent is leeching poison Legendaries - Belt / Sephuz, both pretty useless for soloing.If you have Prydaz for example it would make it even easier. I will skip non-important boss abilities and only focus on the important ones. Immerseus [Easy but boring] Boss dies after you kill 75 black blobs.


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