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The Ayala Center Mall was my favorite spot to do some hunting.It has a large atrium in the middle, lined with restaurants and other activities. Tip: Men can jot their number down on several small strips of paper, then go hand them out at the mall.

Hotel security will even go out of its way to ensure guests’ safety by holding girls’ IDs, then call the room when guests leave to protect against theft.Today, I will share my knowledge about Cebuanas to help men better understand the dating world in Cebu… They are typically more tanned and the most petite of the Pinays.Men who adore pretty, petite Asian girls are in for a real treat in Cebu.Seducing Cebuanas is fairly straightforward, although there is one monstrous hurdle most men will face in Cebu.In my Cebuana dating guide, I detail what the women of Cebu are like, how to seduce them, the best time of day to meet them and the best hotels in Cebu.However, allow me to explain the hurdle I mentioned earlier.Cebu is crawling with pros due to the vast number of middle-aged sex tourists who visit the city.Cebu was one of my primary destinations during my four-month journey through the Philippines in 2014.It was one of the most glorious adventures of my life, and I loved it so much that I wrote an entire book about how it changed my life forever.There were several instances in Cebu when I heard the sounds of lovemaking permeating from several rooms at once into the hall.It was hilarious; I’ve never heard anything like it.


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